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Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club is the only club in St George to be a Member of Football NSW Futsal.

Futsal is Officially Approved by FIFA and Football Federation Australia (FFA)

A Letter From Dez Marton - The former St George Budapest Striker

The growth potential of Futsal in the St George area is huge and there are a number of Schools who have already implemented a trail in developing their Futsal program, and this is really encouraging. I anticipate we’ll see a lot more schools also taking a look at Futsal within the coming years like a true sporting feature for their programme.

The aim of Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club in St George is to create fundamentally sound futsal players. The goal of each of our training sessions is to teach something new regardless of age, experience, or skill level. We are futsal focused with an academic mindset, and we understand that an iterative approach to the sport best cultivates the fundamental growth and development you're looking for.

Furthermore, we notice that both personal abilities and management through group are crucial towards the growth of the entire player. All training sessions and individual lessons include one-on-one and small team routines, enabling our coaches to concentrate on every single participant as both a solo player and as a team member.

Finally, Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club will be here to complete all this in an enjoyable environment. We realize that it is hard to promote the kind of development we're challenging with great time a long the way. Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club works along with you to locate a period and location easy for you and your team.

Do you want to take your game to another level? Join the Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club in ST George. Contact us today at 0419 012 002 to join one of our futsal teams. Click here to contact us

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