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5368310_origDez Marton, The Director at Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club aims to promote free Futsal for young people following Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne announcement of $30 billion in cuts to our schools sports services, Dez begun offering free Futsal coaching to schools in Sydney

When The Abbott Government cut funding for schools youth services in April this year all the coaches from The Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club decided to work together to offer free coaching.

Dez Marton, The Director at Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club, said:


Our aim is to provide simple Futsal drills and coaching that will teach junior and young players of all ages and abilities how to play Futsal, and develop game specific techniques

We live in a society where social interaction is important, and it is important to tackle issues such as obesity and doing sport and other activities such a Futsal is important

Dez Marton, who will coach at the sessions, said: “It’s great to see the kids enjoy Futsal like this where they can learn high-calibre skills from trained professionals within fun team-based sessions and small games”.

“In return we can watch kids who are potential talent for the future that may one day be training at Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club’s training ground at Tempe

These free coaching clinics can be engaged during normal school hours, lunchtime breaks or before school commences.  We want to promote the sport of Futsal and encourage participation in our Sping /Summer Futsal Seasons.

Futsal Administrator and Coach Education Instructor Dez Marton is available to come and visit your school and give a little taste of the fastest growing indoor sport on the planet.  Our Free School Futsal Clinics are an introduction to the game of Futsal and will give your school an opportunity to develop players.

Mr Marton said: “We have got other things in the pipeline and we’re looking to get Futsal goalkeeping coaching in local primary schools.dez-marton-246x300

We want to put free coaching on at the schools for the benefit of getting children involved.

At the moment the main issue is getting the word out. People are very sceptical when you offer free time

The only requirement is that school must have an interest in sport and must have sporting facilities such a hall or an indoor practice space.

The Botany Bay Pirates Futsal Club will provide the free Futsal coaching; equipment i.e. Futsal balls, bibs, cones, goal and nets…. etc

There are various free programs available, examples are listed below. We can also tailor specific programs for your needs.

  1. Lunchtime Games and Introducing Futsal.We bring our own equipment to run some impromptu Futsal Games for all those who have never played before.
  2. Before school training for already established teams. 

    We run a short training program to help improve your already existing teams that then may be interested in competing in our summer and winter Futsal Seasons.

  3. Free Futsal School Clinics. 

    Futsal can be a sport for your physical education program with a curriculum based program which is targeted at upper Primary School and lower High School age groups.

  4. Kindy Futsal.The basics of futsal and fun taught to the lower age group prep to year 4 can be just a one off lesson or up to 4 weeks.


To book a school based visit email or Call Dez on 0419 012 002