General Information

Your Team
You will need 5 players to register a team (4 players and a goalkeeper) and preferably 1 or 2 reserve players but you can have any number you wish. You can change players during the game at any time as long as the player comes off first then the reserve goes on. New players can be registered at any time during the competition but, players must have played 5 competition games for their nominated team to be eligable for the final (which includes any games played in the official association titles, state, national or interstate.

The Gear
The team has to wear the same colour shirts, shorts and socks except the goalkeeper who has to have a different colour shirt to the other players. The shirts must be numbered and the numbers cannot be the same. All players must have shinguards and rubber soled shoes for the indoor surface.

You require one photograph ( pictura taken on rego days ), full address, telephone number, email address, D.O.B. Proof of identity must be shown e.g birth certificate, drivers license, passport.