Dez Marton’s Shooting & Goal Scoring Clinic, School Holidays April 2016

School Holidays Shooting & Goal Scoring Clinic for 13- 18 years old. Develop and improve your soccer skills with Dez Marton – The former St George Budapest Striker.

Dates: Monday to Friday  11-15 April 2016 and Monday to Friday  18-22 April 2016
Times: 9.00am to 11.00am
Ages: 13 -18 Years Old
Location:  St. George Soccer Stadium – Barton Park, Banksia, New South Wales, 2216
Cost : $100

Contact :  Dez Marton on 0419 01 2002 or email

Dez-Marton's-Shooting-&-Goal-Scoring-Clinic,-School-Holidays-April-2016Football is about goals. Remember, before any game starts, there is no goals. Any team to win a game need to score and score one more then the opposition team. To win a game, some one in the team has to score. No mater what position any player is playing, should know how to score. When a goal is scored, it’s a powerful filing. Have you experience the filing of scoring a goals ??? Most players have but if you didn’t you mist the best part of the game.





Clinic Objectives:

  1.  Right & Left Foot Finishing
  2. 1 st Time Shooting
  3.  1 vs 1 attacking and Finishing
  4.  Back to Goal Receiving & Turning
  5. Volley’s: Side, Half, and Full
  6. Inside of Foot Finishing
  7. Headers, Crosses
  8. Near and Far Post Runs
  9. Curving shots, Chipping Shots
  10. Dribbling Moves
  11. 1 v 1’s, 2 v 1’s, 2v2’s, 3v3’s


We try and take any area on the field where there may be scoring opportunities and we practice that shot over and over to create muscle memory so Finishing the soccer ball becomes 2nd nature to players. Requirement to Participate: Must have the desire to become a better Soccer Player and Goal Scorer and be willing to work hard to get better.